How to Sell Clothes Online on Instagram: 5 Strategies to Keep in Mind

Interested in selling clothes on Instagram to generate more engagement? Here is how to sell clothes online on Instagram - follow these 5 strategies!

Are you running your own online clothing store and now you are planning to start selling on social media networks, Instagram, for example? Wondering whether it will be worth it or it will be a waste of time? Each social media platform has its own pros and cons, and before we present you the strategies of how to successfully sell on Instagram, allow us to share the advantages and disadvantages of selling on Instagram:

Instagram as a social media network has incredible growth. To give you a rough idea of its size we will tell you that Instagram crossed the barrier of 700 million registered people.

If you want to successfully sell clothes online on Instagram, you need people to interact with your content. We’ve compared the engagement rates of different social media networks and we saw that Instagram users are much more committed to the brands than Facebook or Twitter.
Through the photos and videos, you can show your creative work in a more comfortable and relaxed way. For example, you can add some interesting photos, photos of your offices or surroundings, a photo of your team members, a photo of the tools you use to work, a video of how you package the products, and much more.
All information provided to Instagram will be available online. In case your servers were attacked by hackers, your data would run the risk of falling into the wrong hands. We recommend you to enable a two-step authentication.
When the user arrives at your profile, he will see all the photos you’ve posted at once. It is more practical if you can group the photos thematically. Don’t you think so?

Now that you are familiar with the pros and cons of selling on Instagram, we would like to present to you 5 strategies to help you get the maximum potential of this social media platform:

1. Show your products in action

Even though we all know how to take photos of the items we sell (clothes, in your case) it is not simply worth it to take photos in any way. If you want your products to stand out over the competition, you can take photos while wearing the clothes. Show your potential buyers how comfortable, cozy or fancy your clothes are.

2. Use the hashtag

Hashtags can help people find your store easier. Investigate which hashtags the competition use, don’t put more than 5 or 10 hashtags, use the ones that interest you the most.

3. Simplify the purchase process

One of the downsides of Instagram is that it can only incorporate a link to your site. This makes it challenging for users to access your clothing store. We recommend you to take advantage of these tools – Like2Buy, Liketoknowit, Soldsie.

4. Make promotions

If you want to give your brand a visibility and enhance the level of user commitment, making promotions is the best way to do it. The secret is to create a good contest or a unique promotion.

5. Use photos made by your followers

The opinions of the rest matters when selling online. Seeing what has been the experience of other users, you can use the confidence and complete the purchase. Encourage your customers to upload photos of your clothing and then incorporate these photos of your customers into the product cards.
Are you ready to sell clothes online? If you want to know more about how to sell clothing online we invite you to look at some of the best companies which will help you in your online platform to meet everything for your business to reach success: Shopify

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