The Top 3 Sites to Sell Furniture Online

The Top 3 Sites to Sell Furniture Online

Are you having a dream of starting an online business? If so selling furniture is a golden business opportunity that has a high return potential. From the Technavio report on growth predictions, the demand for furniture will surge by 20% or more by the year 2020. As more people construct their apartments and office blocks, furniture is the next element that they will need.

Also, considering that digitization is taking the space and turning online shopping into a norm, you can ascertain that a large number of the expected sales will be virtual. However, as a newbie or an upcoming entrepreneur, you may lack the required capital to establish an online store. This aspect should no longer be an issue. Here are three sites you can use to sell furniture online:


If you are finding for a platform that will allow you to garner customer reviews, Offerup should be your choice. In the socially driven era, customers make faster purchase decisions when they see positive feedback from their current buyers. Offerup brings furniture dealers together and connects them with the potential customers. It comes with an app similar to that of Uber. The customers can view the best sellers, the price they are offering, type of furniture, and the level of customer service delivered. If you are scoring high in these areas, you can be sure of earning more sales.


The next place you can lounge your furniture for selling online is Chairish. This platform is the best place for sellers dealing with home furniture. If you are selling a sofa set, dining tables, coffee tables, or any furniture that can be used in a residential house, Chairish is the place. The positive thing about this site is that it allows you to list your products without paying any dime.

Also, they help you in shipping arrangements when you secure a customer. You need to keep this in mind: you will pay them a 20% per sale. However, it is not a bad idea given that you will not struggle with the shipping burdens.


If you are planning to sell furniture online and targeting New York and Washington DC customers, AptDeco is the favorable choice. This virtual platform enables you to meet with customers and supports your delivery missions when they make a purchase. Also, it offers you an opportunity to earn $25 when you refer a friend. Hence, with it, you have double revenue generation opportunities.

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